Pick up some great FREE additives for your home compost and garden

At Darebin we have been working with two local businesses to help get their valuable waste bi-products into your gardens.  Through this partnership Bundoora Park is now picking up coffee husks from Mocopan (a local coffee roaster) and clean pine and hardwood wood shavings from Charles Sandford Woodturning and Joinery.  Both these products are great additives to the home, school … Read More

Northcote Library Food Garden and Darebin Council MoU

  Memorandum of Understanding Between Northcote Library Food Garden and City of Darebin FINAL The Northcote Library Food Garden (NLFG) and Darebin Council collaborated to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which has been in place since August 2013. The MoU has been useful for both Council and the NLFG group to understand the expectations, roles and responsibilities each party … Read More

Helpful hints on setting up and running community gardens…

Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) – Detailed toolkit on how to make a community garden a success. http://www.sustainable.unimelb.edu.au/content/pages/gcall-natopia-community-garden-toolkit   North Fitzroy Community Gardens Group – Example of community gardening policies (covers allocation of plots, rental fees, use of pesticides etc). http://rushallgarden.wordpress.com/policies/   Australian City Farms and Community Garden Network – National community gardening network which has excellent references and guidelines … Read More